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LTS Recovery

The following procedure describes offline method of doing the LTS recovery. The offline method of recovering Pravega from the data in LTS requires the admin to manually copy metadata chunk files to some directory.

The offline method currently only supports filesystem storage type.

The major inspiration for this recovery procedure has been [#7011] ( The way this recovery procedure works is by trying to restore the metadata state(state of all Segments in Pravega) stored in Tier-2 Segment Chunks, by parsing these raw Chunk files. This recovery procedure assumes full Tier-1 loss, and as such the Tier-1 tail data or the latest updates to the system as lost. The aim of this recovery procedure is to get Pravega functional again after performing the recovery procedure, to allow clients to resume their operations. Some cases where the recovery procedure might be useful are ZooKeeper becoming dysfunctional,Bookkeeper disk corruptions etc. In these cases, we intend to start Pravega off the data that exists in Tier-2. The following section describes how to perform the recovery steps.


Having pravega installed with data generated on it.


  • Executing the script

    ./ltsrecovery --install
    This script will create a recovery pod and has the LTS directory mounted inside it, and it will uninstall pravega, pravega-operator, bookkeeper, bookkeeper-operator, zookeeper and zookeeper-operator.

Before proceeding further, make sure the script executed successfully and uninstalled all the services mentioned above.

This recovery script will only work where helm is used to install Pravega. * ## Copy metadata ### Exec into the recovery pod

kubectl exec -it recovery -- sh
### Create a folder outside tier2 where we are going to download the metadata from tier2. /mnt/tier2 is the tier2 location.
cd /mnt/tier2/_system/containers
cp metadata_* storage_metadata_* /<Location where the metadata will be downloaded>

  • Install the below services

    After downloading metadata we need to install zookeeper, zookeeper-operator, bookkeeper and bookkeeper-operator.

  • Perform Recovery

    ### Exec into the recovery pod
    kubectl exec -it recovery -- sh
    ### Run admin cli
    cd /opt/pravega
    ### Configure admin cli
    Make sure that the admin cli is configured properly before starting the recovery.
    ### Start recovery
    To start the recovery, please execute the below command in the admin cli console.
    data-recovery recover-from-storage /<Location of the downloaded metadata> all
  • Install pravega

    Once recovery is performed we can install **pravega-operator** and **pravega** and start using it.