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Quick Start Guide

Download the latest Pravega

In one terminal, fetch the latest Pravega release:

# or
#curl -OL
tar zxvf pravega-0.12.0.tgz
cd pravega-0.12.0

Start Pravega standalone cluster

Launch Pravega in your first terminal:


Create your Scope and your Stream

In another terminal, use the CLI tool to create a Scope and Stream:

> scope create my-scope
> stream create my-scope/my-stream

Write some unordered events to a stream

Append some events using your Pravega CLI session:

> stream append my-scope/my-stream 5

Read those events from your stream

Read those events back in the same CLI session:

> stream read my-scope/my-stream
(press "q" and "Enter" to quit reading)

Write and read some ordered events

Create a new stream, append some events with a routing key, and read them back:

> stream create my-scope/ordered-stream
> stream append my-scope/ordered-stream my-routing-key 5
> stream read my-scope/ordered-stream
(press "q" and "Enter" to quit reading)


In your second terminal, exit your pravega-cli session:

> exit
In your first terminal, terminate the pravega-standalone server:

Next steps

In completing this guide, you have launched Pravega, created a scope, created a couple streams, written ordered and unordered events to those streams, and read the events back from each stream.

To use Pravega in real world applications, you’ll want to explore: