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Pravega Overview

Pravega is an open source storage primitive implementing Streams for continuous and unbounded data. A Pravega stream is a durable, elastic, append-only, unbounded sequence of bytes that has good performance and strong consistency.

Read Pravega Concepts for more details.

Key Features

  • Exactly-Once Semantics: Pravega ensures that each event is delivered and processed exactly once, with exact ordering guarantees, despite failures in clients, servers or the network.

  • Auto Scaling: Pravega automatically changes the parallelism of the individual data streams to accommodate fluctuations in data ingestion rate.

  • Distributed Computing Primitive: Pravega is not only a great storage service for data streams. It can also be used as a durable, consistent messaging service across processes. Even more, Pravega provides unique abstractions that make it easy for users to build advanced services, such as distributed consensus and leader election.

  • Write Performance: Pravega shrinks write latency to milliseconds, and seamlessly scales to handle high throughput reads and writes from thousands of concurrent clients, making it ideal for IoT and other time sensitive applications.

  • Unlimited Retention: Pravega decouples brokering of events from the actual data storage. This allows Pravega to transparently move data events from low-latency, durable storage tier to a cloud storage service (e.g., HDFS, Amazon S3, or DellEMC Isilon/ECS), while clients are agnostic to the actual location of data.

  • Storage Efficiency: Pravega is used to build data processing pipelines that may combine batch and real-time applications without duplicating data for every step of the pipeline. This is possible because Pravega unifies stream (ordered) and batch (parallel) access to data events for data processing engines.

  • Durability: Pravega persists and protects data events once the write operation is acknowledged to the client.

  • Transaction Support: A Pravega Transaction ensures that a set of events are written to a stream atomically. This is a key feature for distributed streaming applications requiring exactly-once guarantees on their output.


The latest pravega releases can be found on the Github Release project page.

Quick Start

Read Getting Started page for more information, and also visit sample-apps repo for more applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find a list of frequently asked questions here.

Running Pravega

Pravega can be installed locally or in a distributed environment. The installation and deployment of Pravega is covered in the Running Pravega guide.


Don’t hesitate to ask! Contact the developers and community on the mailing lists or on slack if you need any help. Please open an issue in Github Issues if you find a bug.


Become one of the contributors! We thrive to build a welcoming and open community for anyone who wants to use the system or contribute to it. We describe how to contribute to Pravega here! You can see the roadmap document here.


Pravega is 100% open source and community-driven. All components are available under Apache 2 License on GitHub.