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This guide details the prerequisites required to run Pravega in production (Distributed mode only).


Setup an HDFS storage cluster running HDFS version 2.7+. HDFS is used as Tier 2 storage and must have sufficient capacity to store contents of all streams. The storage cluster is recommended to be run alongside Pravega on separate nodes.


Install the latest Java 8 from Packages are available for all major operating systems.


Pravega requires Zookeeper 3.5.1-alpha+. At least 3 Zookeeper nodes are recommended for a quorum. No special configuration is required for Zookeeper but it is recommended to use a dedicated cluster for Pravega.

This specific version of Zookeeper can be downloaded from Apache at zookeeper-3.5.1-alpha.tar.gz.

For installing Zookeeper see the Getting Started Guide.


Pravega requires Bookkeeper 4.4.0+. At least 3 Bookkeeper servers are recommended for a quorum.

This specific version of Bookkeeper can be downloaded from Apache at bookkeeper-server-4.4.0-bin.tar.gz.

For installing Bookkeeper see the Getting Started Guide. Some specific Pravega instructions are shown below. All sets assuming being run from the bookkeeper-server-4.4.0 directory.

Bookkeeper Configuration

The following configuration options should be changed in the conf/bk_server.conf file.

# Comma separated list of <zp-ip>:<port> for all ZK servers

# Alternatively specify a different path to the storage for /bk


Initializing Zookeeper paths

The following paths need to be created in Zookeeper. From the zookeeper-3.5.1-alpha directory on the Zookeeper servers run:

bin/ -server $ZK_URL create /pravega
bin/ -server $ZK_URL create /pravega/bookkeeper

Running Bookkeeper

Before starting the bookie, it needs to be formatted:

bin/bookkeeper shell metaformat -nonInteractive

Start the bookie:

bin/bookkeeper bookie