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Pravega Overview

Pravega is an open source distributed storage service implementing Streams. It offers Stream as the main primitive for the foundation of reliable storage systems: a high-performance, durable, elastic, and infinite append-only byte stream with strict ordering and consistency.

Key Features

  • Auto Scaling - Dynamically scale data streams across storage and processing resources to accommodate ever changing data ingestion rate.

  • Infinite Retention - Automatically migrate old events in a stream to low-cost cloud-scale storage system, thus using the same access paradigm for both real-time and historical analysis.

  • Durability - Don't compromise between performance, durability and consistency. Pravega replicates and persists the ingested event before acknowledging while maintaining low latency and strong consistency.

  • Exactly-Once Semantics - Ensure that each message is delivered and processed exactly once despite failures with retransmissions, idempotence and transactions.

  • Transaction Support - Use transactional data ingestion to guarantee that a set of events are added to a stream atomically.

  • Multi-Protocol Access - With multi-protocol capability, Access and process your streams not only via Pravega Streaming API, but via HDFS protocol.

  • Write Efficiency - Pravega shrinks to milliseconds the time it takes to write massive volumes durably by seamlessly scaling up to handle high throughput reads and writes from thousands of concurrent clients.

  • Fault Tolerant - Pravega detects failures and automatically recovers ensuring the continuous flow of data required for business continuity.


The latest pravega releases can be found on the Github Release project page.

Quick Start

Read Getting Started page for more information, and also visit sample-apps repo for more applications.

Running Pravega

Pravega can be installed locally or in a distributed environment. The installation and deployment of pravega is covered in the Running Pravega guide.


Don’t hesitate to ask! Contact the developers and community on the mailing lists if you need any help. Open an issue if you found a bug on Github Issues.


Become one of the contributors! We thrive to build a welcoming and open community for anyone who wants to use the system or contribute to it. Here we describe how to contribute to Pravega!


Pravega is 100% open source and community-driven. All components are available under Apache 2 License on GitHub.